Lymph is Good
chronicles the journey of an active 30-something Dallas-ite trying to keep her head up while grappling with primary lymphedema.

If words could kill...

This is just a straight-up rant… 

When I got measured I stressed the importance of needing to have my garment shipped to the FedEx close to my house so that I could expeditiously pick it up and begin my transition process (See Temper Tantrum). Everyone seemed to be on board with this plan… until they weren’t.

I began calling FedEx 5 business days after I got fitted. An appropriate amount of time for a rush order of something. One of my two garments (the nighttime garment) arrived, at the FedEx, as it was supposed to three days later. The other, more important (daytime garment) didn’t arrive. 

Fortunately, I won’t relay the boring and obnoxious (ok, fine, stupid) details of this story… but the daytime garment was not going to arrive at FedEx. Why? Because it had already arrived five days prior to the store that I was measured at… When I called to ask them to get a tracking number on my order they said, “Oh! We have it right here.” 

I’m struggling to find another time in my life when I could have reached through the phone and wanted to shake someone so violently. 

Granted, I had no reason to really be this aggravated… but when you’ve been bandaging for three months and your stress level is already high… and something goes wrong in a process that should have been nothing but expedited under the circumstances… and then you get a sickly sweet, “Oh! We have it right here.” You’ll want to murder people too… with words. 

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