Lymph is Good
chronicles the journey of an active 30-something Dallas-ite trying to keep her head up while grappling with primary lymphedema.

Small Step

Late last year, I decided that I was ready to start sharing this story… I also felt like I was ready to start living my life again (in whatever that means), because after finding out that the surgery didn’t work it meant that I was stuck with this… so I might as well learn how to live with it. Get comfy. Pull up some rug and tuck in. 

So, I started writing my story for submission at a storytelling event taking place in May. Dallas’ version of “The Moth” called “Oral Fixation.” Each story is told on a theme. The theme that I chose to submit for is called “Broken Record.” 

Need there be more explanation as to why…? 

At any rate, I met today with one of the editors/producers and feel like just taking the small step in writing/thinking about the submission is empowering me. Granted I’m still bandaging everyday… but I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel… and that light does not mean more bandaging.

Temper Tantrum

WTF Just Happened