Lymph is Good
chronicles the journey of an active 30-something Dallas-ite trying to keep her head up while grappling with primary lymphedema.

WTF Just Happened

I woke up on Saturday morning at 12:45AM to take off my bandages because the tendon of the front part of my foot was bothering me under my bandages. This is a common occurrence that is rather annoying. It’s been happening a lot this week because my foot is actually starting to look better and therefore the tendon is even closer to the skin than it was before. (It’s always bothered me, but I’m sticking with this theory…)

As I took off my bandages, groggy-eyed, leaving me exposed in my relax garment, it occurred to me that my leg may expand… and if it did that it would expand to the size and shape of the relax… even though it was now smaller than the relax.

That morning I had my session with Heather. Unprompted she told me that I should start bandaging without the relax… suspicion confirmed. 

And so, we did. 

Sunday morning I woke up, took off my bandages (sans relax) and expected to see the same leg that we had made so much progress with these past couple of weeks… but better! Why should the progress train stop?!

But the title of this post isn’t “the progress train”... it’s “WTF Just Happened.”

My leg looked worse… worse than it has looked in weeks… the contours of my foot, gone. The definition (albeit small) in my knee, disappeared. The puffiness on my toes, more prevalent than ever. What. The. F… just happened?! Overnight. In 24-hours?

… now I understand what a Lymphedema emergency is. Resetting, or ditching completely, my expectations in life never seemed so important to learn how to do… And so I take 10 steps forward and 100 steps back. I hate transitions.

Is waking up and knowing what to do every day so much to ask?

Small Step

Contouring Foam