Lymph is Good
chronicles the journey of an active 30-something Dallas-ite trying to keep her head up while grappling with primary lymphedema.

Torture Devices

The toe cap is a torture device. Never before have I experienced such pain in my foot. And my toes… 

My husband and I walked to a basketball game this past weekend. I was so excited to be wearing regular shoes. Two of the same shoes! My foot felt “just ok” as we were leaving the house. With the 1.5, toe cap, and knee high, my shoe was tighter than it should have been, but I loosened the laces as much as possible to accommodate everything. 

By the time we got up the street the side of my foot was in pain. 10 minutes into the walk it was screaming. When we got to the restaurant I had to take the knee high off because the pain was unbearable. That helped things a little bit… enough to be able to sit through dinner.

For the rest of the night I struggled with sitting, standing up, elevating, etc. etc. etc. My body felt restless and tortured. 

I was in tears on the way home. Every few minutes I was taking my shoe off to readjust my garments in the hopes that my foot would feel less awful. How was I supposed to live with this? What shoes should I be wearing to make this more comfortable? 

Answers for seemingly another lifetime…

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