Lymph is Good
chronicles the journey of an active 30-something Dallas-ite trying to keep her head up while grappling with primary lymphedema.

Another Surgeon

… it’s not like that! I’m not shaving down the bone in my foot to accommodate this condition or my shoes. Ha!

But, I did want a second opinion on this nonsense. So, I found another vascular surgeon specializing in lymphedema… he doesn’t operate (on lymphedema patients), but rather just has patients with the condition. He knows the condition and is at least willing to suggest reasonable solutions. 

Whenever I see a new doctor I always get this fake sense of hopefulness… like maybe this one will have something new to share. A different perspective. But, it’s all the same. 

Different doctor, same tears. 

At least this one isn’t telling me to undergo two other surgeries when I’m still trying to recover from this one! And, he’s interested in following my progres… not just tossing me off for another few months without addressing my issues. 

So I guess it’s same tears, different day. 

Finding Rachel

Finding Heather