Lymph is Good
chronicles the journey of an active 30-something Dallas-ite trying to keep her head up while grappling with primary lymphedema.


I’m two weekends post-surgery. Which means that this week I get to wear compression (albeit looser) again and walk… on my own… while carrying something 10lbs or heavier. But, I digress. 

The love of my life gave me a stern talking to this past week. Apparently, I am not doing a good enough job of recovering. So, because he knows me quite well he did a very good job of scaring the beejeezuses out of me. How? Here goes:

He told me that the connections that were made in my leg are small, crushable, and fragile. So, causing my body harm, as in standing up more than the allotted amount, carrying anything greater than 10lbs, and not elevating with two pillows whenever possible, could be detrimental to “the long-game” that I am playing. 

So as frustrated as I am… as antsy as I am… and as good of a patient as I thought I was being… I recognize that I’m playing a long-game… but that I have to play the short-game well to even be considered for a long-game. 

How are you?

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