Lymph is Good
chronicles the journey of an active 30-something Dallas-ite trying to keep her head up while grappling with primary lymphedema.

What A Cast

Go figure… social events, going out to dinner, being out and about too much, etc. while I’m bandaged just isn’t really my favorite. It doesn’t matter how good I feel about myself: subjecting myself to too much scrutiny will eventually break me. So, while bandaged, I have limited myself to only the necessary activities and, if necessary, take on the more social events with only those that I am entirely comfortable. If I’m in my regular garment and rockin’ my style then whatevs, I can handle the stares. 

July 4th picnic. That’s an a) must and b) can’t miss. But it also comes along with the “I don’t know more than one person beyond my +1.” The worst… (And that doesn’t even take into effect the a) bar-b-que b) dessert contest c) standing around and d) heat.)

Here’s where I got lucky: The bar-b-que was inside because Dallasites are wimps; the event started at 11AM which is a little early for me to be eating bar-b-que; and there were way too many desserts to have much more than a little bit of a few of them. So let’s focus on the main issue: I know no one, am going to be asked to strike up conversation with new people, and will likely get stared at by anyone that crosses my path… 

So I covered my bandages with a flattering piece of green patterned fabric that complemented my shorts and tried to act normal… like a mermaid trying to have a conversation on a rock with a human: bat my eyelashes, be my charming self, and get on with the party. Yes, my bottom half is a little different than yours.

A couple of people approached me (covertly as if to try and inconspicuously tell me that my fly was open… that kind of “um, awkward” thing) and would say things like, “I mean… I gotta know. What’s up with your leg?” Or, “Is that your leg or a cast?” But, funny enough, one person pressed for the details of my condition and before I could tell her the name of the condition she said “Oh! Lymphedema.” (Yes, I was shocked.) Others threw compliments across the room, like you would pass someone on the street wearing a great dress or a fun t-shirt and they would say, “What a cast!” … as if I had painstakingly colored every inch of my cast. Sure. Whatever. I’ll take it!

All in all the bar-b-que wasn’t terrible. I got through it. The desserts were ok. We didn’t stay that long. And I managed to survive the stares without running home in tears. Oh, thank goodness! 

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