Lymph is Good
chronicles the journey of an active 30-something Dallas-ite trying to keep her head up while grappling with primary lymphedema.


What you’re about to read is a note to myself. Here’s the backstory: I was invited to my college best friends’ wedding. Hooray! A super fun occasion that we get to share with her and her fiance. (She, unlike most people in my life, knew me before I knew the love of my life. Crazy!) We had already booked our trip when she asked me if I would do her the honor of speaking at her wedding. ::record scratching sound:: I do not enjoy public speaking. But, if you can’t speak at a wedding on behalf of a friend then you shouldn’t be able to speak at all… fear or no fear. So, I had to prepare. But… I really don’t enjoy it. And… what am I going to wear? And… my leg… what am I going to do about my leg?

Here’s the note to myself:

Dear Self,

Please take this advice with the utmost respect that I have for your futile effort to make yourself a less nervous public speaker. You’ve tried a lot of different tactics and you just won’t be able to get over the nerves. So, move on. Please move on. 

Onto the more pressing matter: your leg. Your condition should not (and will not) prevent you from doing whatever you can do make this speech beautiful for your friend. It’s for your friend, not for you. The audience is clear here… you are a messenger and not the focus of attention. 

In short, suck it up. Your condition has nothing to do with your ability to deliver the message, so prepare a good speech, and get out there to deliver your heart out of it. 

Enjoy the wedding!



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