Lymph is Good
chronicles the journey of an active 30-something Dallas-ite trying to keep her head up while grappling with primary lymphedema.


Pervasiveness is the second of the 3 P’s… it was just easier for me to write about it last. Sandberg, in Option B, defines it as “this affects everything.” 

Out of all of the P’s I struggled with pervasiveness the most. For whatever reason I could throw my hands up and say “it’s not my fault, this was bound to happen” fairly easily. I still waver when I tell the story… but I’m the one telling the story, so I can control the “ending” (hehe). And I can handle change to “the new normal” by reconditioning what once was to what now is… but “this affects everything” seemed harder to overcome. 

Primary lymphedema, in my mind, did affect everything. That is, everything that I did. Everything physical. Tangible. What was I doing. What I needed to schedule. What I was eating. The pick-up, move, and touch stuff… stuff. What it does not affect is what I am thinking, who I am talking to, why I am talking, what I’m saying, etc. etc.

Do you catch the difference? 

Admittedly, “pervasive” is my resilience downfall. My kryptonite. The “front” of my supinings. I’m supposed to be writing about keeping my head up… but, in reality, my head is down and I need to constantly work at picking it up and reminding myself that I am not my condition. My condition does not affect everything. It does not affect my relationships, my ability to hold a conversation, think for myself, maintain an ounce of self confidence… but yet… I struggle.

The lesson here is awareness. (Huh?)

By learning about and becoming aware of the 3P’s one can assess their resistance to resilience-building against personalization, pervasiveness, and permanence and recognize where they are falling short on their own journey to recovery and becoming more resilient. 

Yes, I’m aware… thankyouverymuch...

"What is this?"