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chronicles the journey of an active 30-something Dallas-ite trying to keep her head up while grappling with primary lymphedema.

Another Stocking

Which should really sound more like another stocking or ANOTHER stocking or ?!ANOTHER?! Stocking. Now you know what I’m actually talking about. 

Finally (which is such an odd word to use when talking about ^^ another ^^ stocking), my Jobst Relax nighttime stocking arrived. On the one hand I was excited about this stocking because it was supposed to be better than the JoViPak. By better I mean more like a stocking and less like a Michelin man costume.

I have been known to describe the JoViPak by conjuring the image of padded walls from an insane asylum meeting a pair of hiking pants… the anti-cuddle buddy. The Jobst Relax looks like a comfy, slightly thicker, thermal legging. I’m sure both are actually comfortable, but as soon as the Relax came out, I opted for that model vs. the JoViPak. It’s… sleeker.

More compression doesn’t always mean better, but consistent compression is desirable vs. daytime compression only. So, even though I was doing just fine without nighttime compression, I knew that a nighttime garment would serve me better in the long-term. 

All this to say that I was still not excited as you might typically use the word “excited.” I was excited that there was another option to the JoViPak. I was excited that I could afford it. I was excited that the store could use my measurements to order it without having to retake them. And I was excited to pick it up. But, that’s where my excitement ended.

I had to try it on. I had to assess the fit. I had to wear it… Every. Night. (It’s ^^ another ^^ stocking, people!) My spirits after picking it up from the store were low. Trying on stockings and identifying myself with the condition in that fitting room wrecks havoc on my psyche. Adding another element of care and management to my routine wears on me… until it just becomes another thing that I have to do to manage my care. 

Standing back from all of this stocking talk and trying to find the silver lining… it’s not terrible. The Jobst Relax doesn’t make me want to get out of it asap. It’s not uncomfortable. It’s comfortable like a worn pair of pajamas yet effective like my thigh high workout stocking. And, in the grand scheme of my routine, I was able to incorporate it fairly quickly and without much psychological resistance… admittedly, in the grand scheme of stockings, I actually like wearing it.

Yay! Surgery?

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