Lymph is Good
chronicles the journey of an active 30-something Dallas-ite trying to keep her head up while grappling with primary lymphedema.

It's primary. Not secondary.

It was during my second stocking fitting (of four) when the fitter said to me, “Do you know how you got lymphedema?” In disbelief, mostly because I hated the way my lower half looked in the stocking and still couldn’t believe that I was going to have to wear this thing at all times, I said, “No. I have no idea.” The fitter then went on to tell me that one of her other clients got it from a bug bite. Oh really.

Later that day I thought about said client. If the doctors knew how I got lymphedema it wouldn’t be called primary lymphedema… it would be called secondary lymphedema. The word “primary” in medicine basically translates to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ … it’s the equivalent of saying, “You’re special.”

But, to be safe, and because I live with a doctor, I got tested for filariasis. Secretly, I hoped that the results would come back positive. Secretly, I wished that a bug in Ghana or Rwanda would have bitten me and that the bite would have caused all of this mess. Secretly, I wished that I could have been responsible for this condition by a choice that I made to travel to those countries.

But, the results came back and they were definitively negative. I have primary lymphedema… the doctors don’t know what caused the onset of the condition’s.

(If you're interested in learning more about Primary Lymphedema, The Lymphie Life published a great Primer on Primary Lymphedema.)

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